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AWS Network Design: Getting Started

Get started with an overview of AWS networking in the cloud so you can take advantage of services to make building and managing your application easier. This course covers what you need to know about cloud networking in an easy-to-understand format.

Implementing AWS Networking Security Groups

Have you ever launched an EC2 instance but couldn’t log in? Learn how to solve this and other access problems with AWS Security groups. You will also learn how to configure internal and external IPs for your instances and keep them from changing.

AWS Networking and the API Gateway

Quit managing your API the hard way. Learn how to easily run your API in AWS API Gateway. You will learn deployment, security, and monitoring options to make your API stable, secure, and scalable.

Build a Chatbot with Amazon Lex for Facebook: Big Picture

Chatbots are now the preferred method of contact for users to answer questions and get online support. This course will teach you to use Amazon Lex to build a chatbot that meets your unique needs and deploy it to Facebook Messenger.

Chatbots in the Call Center: AWS Lex and Connect

In this course, you will build a basic cloud call center with AWS Connect then use AWS Lex to create a chatbot that recognizes speech input. You will finish with a call center that routes each call based on what the user says they need.