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Can Learning Change the World?

I was living in Brazil in 1999. Home telephones were rare because they were expensive to install and use. However, by the time I left in 2001 cell phones were fairly common.

Many countries experienced this “leap” from no phone to wireless since a single cell tower could cover hundreds of homes without the time and expense of running a wire to each one.

Not only did this enable people to become connected via voice and text, but advancements in wireless technology have also brought the internet to much of the world.

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Access to the internet means access to opportunity. Today there are many jobs that you can do pretty much anywhere you have an internet connection and much of the training for those jobs can also be found on the internet.

This has allowed people to earn a living without having to move. They can expand their skill set and earning potential without the difficulty and expense of relocating.

So, yeah, I think learning can change the world.

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As a software developer sometimes I feel like a “Professional Googler” – rifling through all of the incomplete or incorrect information out there to get the answers I need for the problems I am solving.

When I find a good source for answers and training, it goes on my short list of sites to check first when I need an answer. is on my short list. For me, video instruction conveys the information quickly while providing a great visual of exactly what is going on.

A few months ago I needed to get up to speed on Docker to make my own image for a task I was working on. I knew what Docker was and what it could do, but I had never actually run it.

After reading several tutorials and documentation I was still a bit unclear and overwhelmed. It was taking too long to get results.

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I found a great course about Docker on Pluralsight. In less than an hour, I had a good understanding of the concepts and had created and ran the image I needed on my machine. When I needed to reference something a week later, I could see exactly which video clips in the course I had watched so it was very fast to review.

Sometimes it just takes seeing an example all the way through from start to finish to make the concepts click then you can create what you need instead of being stuck in learning/analysis mode without actually producing any results.

Pluralsight is holding their first ever user conference in Salt Lake City, Utah on Sept 19-21, 2017. They are bringing in some great speakers including Joel Spolsky, Steve Young, and Heather Abbott. Several Pluralsight authors will also be there to answer questions in their areas of expertise.

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If you’re someone who wants to stay up to date and connect with industry leaders there are going to be some great sessions and resources at the conference to help you out.

I’ll be there and am excited to attend some of the following breakout sessions:

Data Science: The Big Picture

Beating the Competition Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Deep Learning: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

I’ve found that conferences like this are one of the best ways to stay up to date on emerging trends and best practices, as well as a fantastic networking opportunity. You can also get a special discount by using the code SJ9Q86 when you register.

I work from home so while I love to go for a swim in the backyard at lunch, events like Pluralsight Live help me stay connected with great people and keep my skills up to date.


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